Divorce and Family


Your Family Law Advocates

Our firm, Theresa A. Mari, P.C., specializes in providing comprehensive legal services in divorce and family law matters. With a team of dedicated attorneys, we are committed to guiding you through challenging times, offering compassionate support and expert representation. Our goal is to protect your rights and the best interests of your family, seeking amicable resolutions whenever possible, but also prepared to litigate if necessary. Throughout the process, we prioritize open communication and understanding, empowering you to make well-informed decisions. 

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Divorce Representation

Our seasoned attorneys provide dedicated representation for various divorce cases, whether they are contested or uncontested. We skillfully navigate complex issues related to property division, ensuring fair and equitable settlements. Our team is adept at handling spousal support matters, working diligently to secure appropriate alimony arrangements that consider each party’s financial needs. Additionally, we advocate for the best interests of children, addressing child custody and visitation matters with compassion and a focus on their well-being.

Child Custody and Support

At Theresa A. Mari, P.C., we understand the significance of child custody and support in divorce and family law cases. Our attorneys prioritize the best interests of your children, advocating for stable custody arrangements that foster healthy relationships between parents and children. We carefully calculate child support based on the specific needs of your children and the financial capabilities of each parent. Additionally, if your circumstances change, we can assist with modifying child custody or support orders to ensure your children’s evolving needs are met.

Alimony and Spousal Support

Whether you are seeking spousal support or defending against excessive claims, our firm offers experienced counsel to protect your financial interests during divorce proceedings. We analyze the unique factors of your case, including the length of the marriage, each party’s financial standing, and contributions to the household, to determine fair and reasonable alimony arrangements.

Family Mediation

We understand that traditional litigation may not always be the best solution for resolving family disputes. As experienced mediators, we facilitate open and constructive communication between parties, seeking mutually beneficial resolutions. Family mediation can lead to more amicable outcomes, reducing the emotional strain and costs associated with lengthy court battles.

Family Law Appeals

If you believe a court decision related to divorce, custody, or support matters is unjust, our skilled attorneys can handle your family law appeal. We thoroughly review your case, identify legal errors or inconsistencies, and present compelling arguments to appellate courts. Our goal is to protect your rights and achieve a fair outcome that upholds the best interests of you and your family.